Crown Range

Below are two maps.  The first one is what you would typically experience if you were in a car driving from Wanaka to Queenstown.  It’s not too bad, but you can see a few areas of no coverage, particularly South of Cardrona and as you head into Alpine Retreat (bottom LHS). 

Now look at the second map. This result is with a direct connection capable phone using one of our ACM1-4 vehicle antennas.  Notice the coverage hole South of Cardrona is much smaller and there is no coverage hole as you drive into Alpine retreat.  This makes a huge difference when you are travelling.

This is a typical example of how much we can improve coverage for you!  Whether you are surfing the net, trying to navigate using maps, or just trying to stay online, a Cellutronics external vehicle antenna makes an incredible difference.

Our antennas are carefully engineered and tested to perform to NZ conditions.  We know how the networks operate and what bands they use.  Don’t be fooled by imitations and buy an antenna without knowing it is guaranteed to perform and been optimised for NZ conditions.  Most are not and will only give you marginal improvements.  As an example, it needs to do the full 700MHz bands, and NZ UMTS, and LTE for all operators simultaneously as mobile devices switch between bands and technologies as you drive between service towers.  Gain is also critical.  Too much gain will cause drop outs due to New Zealand's hilly terrain.  Yes, it’s complicated, but we are here to make it easy for you.

Crown Range bare phone.png
crown range direct connection with ACM1-4.png