Vanuatu Volcano

Here is an example of one of our customers camping on a remote volcano in Vanuatu.  Here, Geoff Mackley uses our AY15 connected up to a data stick he bought off the shelf from the local Digicel network. To tell you more, we hand it over to Geoff Mackley (Broadcast communications/Satellite operations, Storm chaser, Film maker, Volcano expeditions, Mountaineer, for Volcanoes, Severe weather, Disasters, War, Emergencies, Rescues)......

For years the only comms up here in this remote volcano in Vanuatu has been Inmarset, however with the improvement (from the stone age) to cellular coverage everywhere I have managed to come up with a plan that has saved me a fortune in sat phone airtime.  The last time I was up on top of the volcano there was marginal cellular and data signal on top, but now with the Cellutronics AY15 we were able to get a fast cheap broadband alternative that I and our film crew was able to use. 


Geoff Mackley Jan 2014"Our internet carried on strong through a biblical flash flood. We switched a power source to run the modem to a gel cel when the genny flooded and are still online!"