Manukau West 4G Internet

Case Study Spark 4G LTE NETGEAR 800s

Manukau Harbour Auckland West Coast

One of our happy customers has shared their experience with fixing mobile data coverage at their home West of Titirangi Auckland. Here’s what happened…..

Problem:  Mobile Data coverage was intermittent (comes and goes), and when connected to the internet the data speed was poor.

Fix: Cellutronics Home/office antenna connected to the Spark NETGEAR Aircard 800S.

We tried two Cellutronics Home Antennas to compare the differences.  The Cellutronics 700MHz Yagi, and the Cellutronics Wideband MIMO antenna.  Overall the 700MHz yagi provided the best download speed (download means when you take data like surfing the internet), where as the MIMO provided the best Upload speed (Upload means when you send data, like gamers, or people sending large emails). Two pictures below.

 Overall Results Summarized Below:

Spark NETGEAR Aircard 800S Spark NETGEAR Aircard 800S Spark NETGEAR Aircard 800S
(Existing with No antenna) With 700MHz Yagi With MIMO Antenna
Coverage Coverage Coverage
Intermittent ON/OFF Service Excellent. Full 100% Service Very Good. Full 100% Service
Data Speed Data Speed Data Speed
Download: 0 to 7MB/s Download: Up to 70MB/s Download: Up to 60MB/s
Upload: 0 to 2MB/s Upload: Up to 20MB/s Upload: Up to 60MB/s
Conclusion Conclusion Conclusion
Unreliable Service Choose this antenna for maximum coverage and DL Speed Choose this antenna for maximum UL speed, such as gamers.

Note: Results above have been taken using average speed testing across the day.  Speeds vary as a result of other people using the base station. 

Feedback from the customer:  Cellutronics were the only people that we could find that provided fast, honest, reliable service.  Zeph and his team certainly know what they are talking about, and we now have fast, reliable data service to our home that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.  Now happy family and happy business! Thanks Cellutronics. B & C Jones, Manukau Harbour, Akld.