Thank you for your time and expertise to discuss the best 4G option for my house. I had your APM1-0727 installed. I signed up to Spark’s rural Wireless Broadband service using their Huawei B315 modem and was getting 3 bar of signal out of a possible 5 without the antenna which I thought was good but I wondered what 5 bars would provide. Without the external antenna I was getting 30Mb down and 20Mb up. Once the antenna was installed it doubled my speed to 60Mb down and 40Mb up. Spark don’t offer a service to install an external 4G antenna so I would highly recommend you contact Zeph to get advice around the external antenna you require and enjoy the boost in speed.
— Shane, Rural Rodney, Auckland
I am really happy with the speed and results considering we are well outside the Temuka transmit area. I have had a solid 3 bars since I installed. I am really happy, thank you!!.
— A.Todd Pleasand Point, Timaru
Your 12 element 700MHz Yagi is in the direction your map indicated gives me full signal on the G4 Spark Modem B315 so we have 50+ Mbps service now at home. Who needs fibre! Thanks for your help.
— K. Smales, Picton
I’ve just installed the Cellutronics repeater in the Taranaki water plant. We have gone from ZERO bars to full strength inside the plant room now. As all our radio repeaters etc. are in the plant, this will save so much bother during repairs, where we have to talk by cell phone to other guys in other plants. We used to have to stop work and go outside in all weather and stand in a paddock. (even then it was only one bar and you could never hear them because of the wind!!) The water plant was in a hole, but the big Yagi just sucks up the signal like a sponge! Amazing improvement.
— I. Wilson, Electrical Inspector
We have now a solid 4 bars on the window unit, even in the really crap weather we have just had, so all looks great. Many thanks for your patience. Great product, great service.
— J. Hope, Safeworks, Inglewood
Thank you for the fast and prompt service to help us with our broadband problem. Spark are still trying to resolve the issue after 5 days with no progress! I installed your aerial and we went from having no broadband to around a 40mb download speed and a 12mb upload. Considering that our previous best was 25mb down and 5mb up, this is a great leap forward. Giving me the right compass heading made my job so much easier. Well done Cellutronics!
— J Grant, Fixit Systems, Central Otago.
Thanks, I have installed the kit and it is working well. My hotspot from my phone when its on the radiator is just as fast as broadband now which is great.
— Karl, Kaiapoi
The yagi 12 has arrived and mounted on the roof. I have -95 dBi signal which reads GOOD on the Netcom so I’m very happy with that. Thank you for your perseverance to get a satisfactory result. I am a very happy customer!!We now have. REAL internet speeds!! Your quite welcome to use the feedback on your website as I think you deserve it. To many businesses these days only sell things with no backup service or product knowledge or problem solving. As a dairy farmer I learnt a long time ago it’s the backup service that’s as important as the price. When we’re in Wanaka next we hope to call in and thank you personally. Many Thanks
— J. Riceman, Kaitaia
I’ve been meaning to let you know, the comms on Tanna Island in Vanuatu is now working very well. Attached are a couple of pics, showing the aerial beside one of the huts in the village in Middle Bush, where Madeleine can now attach her iPad and email us in New Zealand as we work together on a water pump project. It has made such a difference, and I really appreciated your help in setting it up,Thanks again
— Lisa, Pearse Consulting NZ Ltd
Just to let you know the system works a treat. We have four bars when phones on radiator!.
— L Manning Waimauku, Auckland
Just a quick note, had the YAgi AY15 up for about a week now, green bars straight away and even doesn’t matter what time of day or weather, thanks for that!
— S. Nairn , Matawera Rd, Panguru
If you ever need confirmation that this antenna works, use me. We have it up and running, we went from 0.8 Mbps down, 0.02 Mbps up to 13.03 Mbps down to 2.35 Mbps up. Unbelievable! Thanks again
— D.Blair Kaitaia
Well it has been a couple of months now since I have received the Xdect Phone and passive repeater and can tell you it all works like a charm. The reception has been improved considerably and we have had no problems at all with the system. The xdect phone works well and I actually purchased a second one so my wife has one connected to her cell phone and I use another one connected to my personal and work cell phones. We have even found that the reception in the same room where the panel for the passive repeater is located has also inceased from nothing to a weak signal which has made it possible to make calls without having the phone sitting on the panel. For the best reception it is still best to have the phone sitting on the panel. We have found that when our broadband connection fails a cell phone on the panel configured for a wireless hot spot also works a charm.You have a great product and great service. Thanks guys.
— D. Moffat. Waitaki Valley
We have used it twice since we bought it, first at Diamond Lake. We went from being unable to phone out, to full service without doing more than plugging the antenna in! And secondly at Butcher’s Dam out of Alex. Here there was good reception, (four bars), but the Internet speed was as painfully slow as the old dial up Internet. We set the unit up fully and voila ! proper broadband speed again. We are very pleased with the product.
— I. Clark
Just emailing to thank you for the 3G router and AY15 Cellular Antenna. They are working flawlessly and to be honest way beyond expectations. I went from getting on average 3 bars on 2G with 1 bar on 3G once in a blue moon if I was lucky for a few hours, to 3G maxing out on 5 bars the second the Antenna was connected. At that point I didn’t even bother testing 2G connectivity - whats the point? For the first time since I’ve had this mobile broadband, which must be close to two years now, I can actually watch YouTube videos in real time. I have never been able to do that. Not even close. Initially (before the Antenna arrived in the mail) I was looking for a means to ground mount the Antenna about 4 to 6 meters off the ground thinking that was going to be what was necessary to get suitable results in my area, but after getting it and installing it, even with it just sitting loosely on a table outside the window I hit 5 bars on 3G immediately. At that point I just fixed the antenna about 4 feet high onto the corner of the caravan not even really taking any particular direction into account. Not sure if i fluked it or not but it is great. You guys are awesome, I wish I bought this antenna ages ago. Would have saved me a lot of frustrating nights when the internet would cut out and refuse to even connect let alone download anything. Thanks guys :)
— P Moffat (Bethlehem, Tauranga)
I have had some great feedback on your Antennae that we have purchased. Configuring the router to use was simple and so far the connection to Telecom towers are a lot more reliable. Thanks for your help with this,
— Marty. Auckland
Jerry, your passive repeater system works great! I am so relieved now to know I can be home and my work mobile will always ring. As you know that was a big problem for me!! My wife also has her Vodafone iPhone on the radiator too. With the xdect phone system we can take calls from either mobile all around our house. Please feel free to add us to your testimonials. :) Thanks heaps.
— Bentley, Paraparaumu
Hey Zeph, just want to let you know that your products and service are awesome. I have the mobile broadband and its as good as what I had in the township on landline broadband. My neighbours are very jealous. On that note I have been singing your praises not because I have to but because I want to. I work for NZs largest agricultural/horticultural company and my clients are farmers and growers. They struggle with their internet and the expense of it as well. I have forwarded your information and my story onto heaps of them and my fellow colleagues. I’m sure it wont be a fit for some of them but from what I have received for here I’m sure it will be of benefit to some. Anyways thanks again for your help and I hope you get as little bit more business flowing your way.
— Tyrone, Blenheim
Many thanks for the aerial that works fantastic! my signal strength has gone from 2 bars to 5 bars! and the aerial is only sitting on top of a wheely bin! My internet is now fast and smooth.
— Les, Shipping Container, Ru Ru Rd, Bromley, Christchurch
Installed the aerial on Saturday and we are up and running with primo internet! and we didn’t have to mount it on the roof. We have chosen to install on a poll beside the house as we have had problems in the past with the roof leaking where things were installed by others. Thank you so much for your help and all your great advice. We are no longer frustrated with the poor internet options our provider supply us. and we are now able to connect both our laptops anywhere in our house simultaneously. Many thanks,
— Alissa, Pongakawa
Just to let you know the AY12-13 Kit arrived in good condition on Friday...great service! The Antenna is now all mounted and working Fabulously...what a difference in signal strength. I must say the Antenna is very well constructed...which should last for years to come... Thanks also for sending the Map...I am receiving signal from Tokatea Coromandel, which is were we receive the best Mobile Signal from. So thanks once again,

— B. Chiplin.
I purchased the Magnetic Mount AM1-6 to increase the Mobile reception on my Samsung Galaxy S2 on Telecom. The antenna arrived the next day after purchase. In my house I would get no signal sometimes getting 1bar. As soon as I connected the antenna to the phone I instantly got 3bar signal. I also use this antenna in my work vehicle where I require mobile contact constantly. I have over the past 6months only had one occurrence where I did not get signal and that was in the middle of the Taumaranui – Te Kuiti road. I am going to purchase a fixed antenna kit for my workshop as well. I have no hesitation in recommending Cellutronics to anyone who requires a reliable and affordable mobile 3g signal.
— M. Adamson
The Service and prompt delivery have been exceptional. The product has also given the ability to be able to communicate in an area that was always an issue.. So many thanks for Cellutronic’s product and service. Well worth the investment.
— B J Husband, Tuakau
am pleased to relate that the AY12-12 yagi was installed at my office location today , and has boosted the signal from 0 to 1 bars on the Sierra 306 device, to a maximum full scale. Thus ends a prolonged saga of purchasing and trying all manner of “ recommended “ antennas from other suppliers, none of which improved the performance. I would be happy to provide a testimonial so that others in fringe locations can save time and money and go straight to a working solution.
— M. Glue, KeriKeri
Hi I bought an Amfi 3 airial and i am in arapuni I can actually use my laptop now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Instead of losing signal a hundred times a day or NO signal the signal is awesome NO cutouts at all.I would very highly recommend and my friend who is mobile is goin to purchase too cheers
— Brian key
Hi Cellutronics. Just wanted to get back to you and report on the amazing results with the AY15 antenna. As you know I was intending to put in an aerial and amplifier until I read the commentary on these posted on your website. Even after receiving your e-mail telling me I probably would get sufficient signal with one of your antenna’s without an amplifier, I admit to not being fully convinced. However, now that it is up and running I can only say how glad I am I listened to you! First up with the AY15, I initially had three bars of signal on my phone. Then with a little more fine directional tuning I got it to a solid four bars about 80% of the time! (Three all other times). This is in a position tucked behind several 300 year old Rimu trees, at least 15km across a Westcoast Lake from the nearest cell tower! Thankyou very much for your excellent advice, a high performance product and great service.
— M Proctor, West Coast South Island