3G and 4G Mobile Broadband may be available where you are......

Lately we have been getting an increasing number of customers coming to us and replacing their existing broadband satellite service (such as Farmside) and replacing it with one of our House antenna AY12 or AY15 kits,  connected up to a 3G or 4G router.


Because now all 3 of our mobile cellular operators (Telecom, Vodafone and 2degrees) use 3G (UMTS) high speed data services. This means where ever you are in NZ if you have any amount of cellular phone service at your address then with UMTS and one of our antenna kits you could have a much cheaper and faster option to satellite broadband.

A good example of this is our Case Study at Treble Cone.  Here we show that even with no mobile coverage (measured with a Telecom phone and shown on Telecom's website), you can in fact with one of our house antenna kits get over 4Mbps Down and 1Mbps Up.

How can I tell if I get mobile broadband where I live?

You need to be able to find some small amount of mobile coverage nearby for this to work. Nearby could mean anything from 10 meters away to several kms. It really depends on the geography around you.  To be sure all you need to do is see if you can get any form of signal around your home. It could be 1 bar of coverage at one end of your section, or it could be momentary service up outside on your roof. If you can do either of these then we are confident one of our AY12 or AY15 House antenna kits with a direct connection will provide good mobile broadband service to you. 

What device do I need?

There is plenty you can use.  If you are a 2degrees customer you could use a Samsung Galaxy S, SII, or SIII for example with a direct connection to one of our AY12 or AY15 antenna kits.  If you are reading this then you are probably interested in data, so with the Galaxy simply turn the phone into a data hotspot by activating "Portable Wi-Fi hotspot" in "settings".  Then you will be able to connect other Wifi compatible devices to it and surf the internet at speed with low cost (such as laptops, iPads etc.).

However most of our customers choose to swap their satellite connection with a 3G router.  The routers are pretty inexpensive, and you can easily pop a Telecom, Vodafone or 2degrees mobile broadband account to them (either with a SIM or plugging a data modem into them).  Go to this page and choose one of these router kits (comes with one of our antennas) and you are likely to get much faster and cheaper broadband speeds than satallite.  (You need minimum of 1 bar of coverage on your roof).