Cellutronics Passive Repeater

This comprises of one of our quality fixed mount external house antennas (1) connected by cable (2) down to a Cellutronics indoor radiator panel (3).  You simply place your mobile phone(s) on the indoor panel radiator to enjoy boosted mobile signal.  As an optional extra you can also add the Cellutronics Portable Mobile XDECT phone system (4) which then routes all incoming and outgoing calls from any of the mobiles placed on the indoor radiator panel to a portable XDECT phone.  (To do this your phone must have Bluetooth, such as a iPhone 3, 4, 5, or Samsung Galaxy S1, S2, S3 etc.).



  • Requires no authorisation from your carrier/operator (Spark, Vodafone or 2degrees)

  • Can be used with multiple phones at the same time

  • You can use this with the Cellutronics Mobile XDECT phone system and make and receive calls from multiple mobiles phones around your entire home or office. (Phone contacts lists from the mobile phones can be accessed via the XDECT system as well)

  • No land line is required.

  • Ideal if you are using your smartphone as a 'hotspot'. (Because, the download and upload speed of your smartphone when used in hotspot is affected by coverage.  By placing your smartphone on the indoor radiator, coverage is greatly improved, thereby much faster broadband speeds to everyone on your smartphone hotspot). 


How does it work?

  • It takes good signal from up on your roof and pipes it down to a specially designed indoor Cellutronics desktop radiator. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to watch a Youtube video demonstration of how the coverage improves. 

  • You then place your mobile phone(s) on the Cellutronics desktop radiator.

  • Signal level to any phones placed on the indoor radiator are effectively improved to what signal these phones would see as if they were on the roof of your house.

  • If you then add the Cellutronics DECT portable phone system, you can then route all incoming and outgoing calls of the mobile phones placed on the radiator panel throughout your home. This is done by the DECT system connecting to your phones by Bluetooth. The DECT system then uses long range 1.8GHz technology to provide coverage around your home.

Buy your Passive Repeater Kit here (Build your passive repeater kit, including choosing accessories, and cable length)


Here is a typical example

In the first diagram below coverage is only found at one end of the house (red dot in the bedroom, LHS figure).   The problem is the office is located at the other end, bottom of the house where there is no coverage. 

From this example we also know that because there is coverage at one location of the house we know that there will be coverage on the roof.  And this is great because this is where the Cellutronics External House antenna will be placed.  Once in place we can then put coverage into any room of the house we choose by using cable and connecting the signal to the Cellutronics indoor radiator.  In this case we have cabled to the office (below RHS figure) and put the indoor radiator panel in the office for obvious reasons.  Now when any mobile is placed and sits on the indoor radiator it should get the same signal and behave as if it was used outside on your roof.

Of course the issue is if you take your mobile phone and lift it up off the indoor radiator panel your phone will lose coverage. (The phone has to sit on the radiator with no gap).  So this is where the Cellutronics XDECT portable phone system comes in.  Any mobile phone (that has Bluetooth) that is placed on the radiator can connect to the XDECT system.  Then with the XDECT system providing coverage around your entire house you can then walk around and make and receive calls using the XDECT system as if you were using your mobile phone. Great!

YouTube clip below shows how the signal level improves as you place a mobile phone on the Indoor Radiator

YouTube clip below demonstrates connecting multiple phones to the XDECT phone system using Bluetooth