Treble Cone

The first picture below shows where we performed our testing and shows no predicted coverage from Telecom's website

Picture below shows us at the carpark entrance to Treble Cone. (nice waterfall)

Here we are using an AY15 on a tripod.


Picture below shows Telecom were right - we could not get mobile coverage to the Telecom Huawei 586E Hotspot

Picture below shows good Upload and Download speeds with AY15 plugged into Telecom E586E Huawei Hotspot.

(Not bad Telecom - pretty impressive to get over 4Mbps download speed at the start of Treble Cones skifield)


Now we tried the Telecom R54 phone

(AS expected we couldn't get reliable coverage to make a call)


Next we plugged the AY15 into the R54.  Immediately we got good coverage.


We also tried the Cellutronics mag mount AM1-5 here connected to the R54. Whilst we didn't get 3 bars of coverage like the AY15 we still got reliable coverage to make calls with 1 to 2 bars at least showing 100% of the time. 

Here is some FAQ to these Tests

1. Why did we use the Telecom R54 and Telecom Huawei E586E hotspot?

Because we wanted to see the improvement for both coverage with a phone and speed with a data device.  Telecom also offered these devices to us free of charge (Thanks Telecom:) )  We also know that we will get biggest coverage boost with devices that use direct connections. 

2. I have a passive phone, what do these tests mean for me?

Well if you are in a vehicle at this location we would expect your phone to just make and receive calls with the AFM1-3 kit and a passive connection such as the P892 or P9002. Similarly if you had a house here you could install the AY12 or AY15 on your roof and run the cable inside and connect to your phone again with either the P892 or P9002.  We would expect coverage bars on your phone to go from zero to a reliable 1 to 2 bars.

3. I have a datastick that uses a passive connection - what do these tests mean for me?

Similarly for (2) above it would mean the difference between having no mobile broadband connection to having it.  You won't get the same coverage improvement as with a direct connection, but if you are inside a house, we would expect you to go from no coverage to a reliable 1 to 2 bars of service on your data device.

4. Why did you test the AY15 only?

Because we have limited time and the AY15 is very easy to put in the vehicle and set-up (with our tripod).  Also with the AY15 we can use it on any Telecom/Vodafone/2degrees device as it is wideband. Yes if you are specific with your operator and band you could use our AY12 and obtain even better performance.

5. Would I get similar results at this location if I use another competitors antenna that claim to have antennas as good as yours?

We had to throw this question in!  Sure you might especially if they have copied ours.  Just remember we started our business over 10 years ago (specialising just on antennas for boosting mobile phones).  We have specialist RF engineers peforming testing regulary on the networks and we understand gain, noise figure, directivity, s-parameters, intermodulation. VSWR etc.  What we find dissappointing is there is many Chinese manufacturerd antennas that get imported in from non RF technical people in NZ. The antennas they buy from China claim to be 14dB or 20dB, but are nothing like it.  The people who import these antennas don't know better, so hence you can see the problem.  If you have a question and want to speak to us, please give us a call and we are happy to share our experience with you.