What is the difference between the AY12 and MiMo antenna?

To help you decide which antenna to choose we have to get a little more technical.  For most people they will choose the Yagi AY12-7 because it’s cheaper than the MIMO APM1-0727 and provides the most coverage boost which gives the fastest download speeds, which is what they want when surfing the internet or streaming video as an example.  However, for gamers and people constantly sending large emails/files, they would choose the MIMO APM1-0727 because it’s a bit faster on what we call the Uplink (information from you to the cell site).  Because the MIMO antenna has to send two lots of information for a realistic physical size it offers slightly lower coverage boost on the downlink.

If you are unsure and have bad coverage and want the best download speed choose the AY12-7.  And we always say, please be aware of competing antennas which claim so much but return so little.  Our antennas are optimized and carefully engineered and chosen for NZ operators and conditions and that is why we get so many happy customers.  This is our business, and we specialize in mobile coverage and data speed improvement.