Vodafone Voice and Data Options

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Phone Booster Kit

Our entry level kit

  • Starting from $224.95

  • Works on all 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, but only one device at a time

  • Starting point to build a larger system

  • Can Bluetooth your device to the Uniden XDECT Home Phone (from $139.99) & walk around home

We have used it twice since we bought it, first at Diamond Lake. We went from being unable to phone out, to full service without doing more than plugging the antenna in! And secondly at Butcher’s Dam out of Alex. Here there was good reception, (four bars), but the Internet speed was as painfully slow as the old dial up Internet. We set the unit up fully and voila ! proper broadband speed again. We are very pleased with the product.

Passive Repeater Kit

Multiple phones at once, our most popular kit

  • Starting from $449.95

  • Works on all 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks simultaneously to multiple devices

  • Better signal increase than the entry level kit and passive connection

  • Can Bluetooth your device to Uniden XDECT Home Phone (from $139.99) & walk around home

Just to let you know the system works a treat. We have four bars when phones on radiator!

Active Repeater Kit

Full wireless coverage to multiple devices

  • Starting from $1591.24

  • Wireless signal increase up to 900m2

  • Anyone with a Vodafone mobile device gets better signal

  • 3G and 4G coverage

I’ve just installed the Cellutronics repeater in the Taranaki water plant. We have gone from ZERO bars to full strength inside the plant room now. As all our radio repeaters etc. are in the plant, this will save so much bother during repairs, where we have to talk by cell phone to other guys in other plants. We used to have to stop work and go outside in all weather and stand in a paddock. (even then it was only one bar and you could never hear them because of the wind!!) The water plant was in a hole, but the big Yagi just sucks up the signal like a sponge! Amazing improvement.