Spark/Skinny Data Specific Solutions

Typical Problem

You have intermittent coverage to no coverage at home/office, and/or your data speed is slow.

We can fix this for you

The problem is you have weak signal to your smart device.  We fix this by putting a Cellutronics external antenna to a new data device such as a pocket wifi hotspot which has a direct connection with one of our antennas.  This data device now has great coverage and data speed with the direct connection antenna.  You can now connect your device and multiple devices, including tablets, computers, whatever you like (as long as it has a wifi connection) to this hotspot.  Problem solved!

Key benefits:

  • Dramatic coverage improvement to mobile users connected to the hotspot

  • Significant increase in data speed to all connected devices

  • Fixes the data coverage and speed problem to anyone in the home/office connected to the hotspot

  • You can connect other operator devices such as 2Degrees Mobile and Vodafone mobiles to the Spark hotspot using Wifi. (Great for families or office staff)

What do you need?

You will need a Spark/Skinny pocket Wifi hotspot like the Aircard 800s or a 4Gmodem like the B315 or B618. Then just choose one of the kits below:

Yagi AY12-7L

Kit Price from $279.95


  • Maximum coverage improvement

  • Ideal for customers with very poor coverage

  • Optimized for Spark 4G 700MHz LTE

  • Most popular Spark antenna

Thank you for the fast and prompt service to help us with our broadband problem. Spark are still trying to resolve the issue after 5 days with no progress! I installed your aerial and we went from having no broadband to around a 40mb download speed and a 12mb upload. Considering that our previous best was 25mb down and 5mb up, this is a great leap forward. Giving me the right compass heading made my job so much easier. Well done Cellutronics!


Kit Price from $419.95


  • Great coverage improvement

  • Ideal for customers wanting high upload and download speeds, i.e. gaming, photo/video editing, etc.

  • 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G, UMTS, LTE, etc.

Thank you for your time and expertise to discuss the best 4G option for my house. I had your APM1-0727 installed. I signed up to Spark’s rural Wireless Broadband service using their Huawei B315 modem and was getting 3 bar of signal out of a possible 5 without the antenna which I thought was good but I wondered what 5 bars would provide. Without the external antenna I was getting 30Mb down and 20Mb up. Once the antenna was installed it doubled my speed to 60Mb down and 40Mb up. Spark don’t offer a service to install an external 4G antenna so I would highly recommend you contact Zeph to get advice around the external antenna you require and enjoy the boost in speed.

Still not sure which is right for you? See our Case Study comparing the two!