Voice and data solutions

For improving your voice and data connection on Vodafone, we have some great options below:


Cellutronics AY15 kit

This is our most popular antenna kit and is capable of improving your signal throughout the mobile spectrum of 2G, 3G, 4G, and onward. It’s a directional antenna that is aimed toward your local tower and offers a great signal increase, clearer calls, and improved data signal and speeds. This antenna is also a great starting point if you’re looking to expand and upgrade down the track, or if you just want a ‘futureproof’ antenna.

The basic kit includes the antenna, 10m of super low loss cable, and an adapter fitting to connect to your phone or data device.


Cellutronics Passive Repeater Kit

The Passive Repeater kit is a common step up from the basic AY15 kit above. This option uses the same external antenna, but adds an upgraded, ultra low loss cable, and a pad you can place multiple phones on to get a signal improvement. This kit is also available with our Rural 3G antenna the AY12-13.

You can also add the Xdect phone system to pair to your mobile for more freedom on calls.


Active Repeater System

This system is the best option if you want to go wireless increase to all your Vodafone mobile devices. The Active Repeater offers a coverage increase on 3G and 4G simultaneously to multiple mobiles up over an area of up to 900m2. While it can be used on it’s own, most customers will benefit from an external antenna like the AY15 above to help focus the connection to the tower.