High gain directional Yagi - AY12

High gain directional Yagi - AY12

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Our highest gain antenna, this stainless steel unit provides massive signal gain. These are in use throughout the country, from the coast to high country. These are highly tuned, with four variations to give the best signal for your requirement. Welded elements for longevity and strength. 

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AY12-7L for Spark/Skinny 4G 700MHz

AY12-7H for Vodafone/2Degrees 4G 700MHz

AY12-12 for Spark/Skinny 3G 850MHz

AY12-13 for Vodafone/2Degrees 3G 900MHz

Typical gain 36dB (4000x) with a direct connection compatible device

Supplied with low loss LMR cable