Why do we split options between Voice and Data, and Data only?

More Technical Info – Why we split voice and data solutions

Cellutronics has been providing coverage solutions to mobile NZ customers since 2002.  When we first began most mobile phones had an external antenna connection ports to allow a booster antenna connection to fit. With this antenna connection port Cellutronics has given new coverage to places in NZ no one ever thought possible!

However, these days 99% of all smart phones being sold no longer have external antenna connection ports. Instead these smart phones are packed with features such as colour HD touch screens, high speed data, geo-location services, and millions of different apps you can download and add to your device.  So how does Cellutronics continue to fix coverage to tens of thousands of customers each year?

Well, what we can say is since 2002 data has taken over as being the No.1 requirement, even over voice calls.  Customers these days need email and data to support apps such as Facebook, Twitter, TradeMe, Ebay, google, Netflixs, weather, etc.. Being able to talk on a phone is now secondary to data.  Because of this, Cellutronics has re-engineered its solutions to be optimized in performance and cost depending on whether you want data only, or both voice and data solutions.  More technical definition below.

Remember plugging an external antenna into your smart phone is like the difference between plugging a roof antenna into your TV verses no antenna into your TV at all!  It is a huge difference.  So, to give you this massive data coverage improvement to smart phones that don’t have external antenna connection ports on them, we simply use a cost-effective Pocket Wifi hotspot with an external antenna connection port so we can connect one of our proven Cellutronics booster antennas to it.  You can then attach as many devices* as you want to this hotspot (with Wifi) and get much improved coverage and data speed in your home, office, vehicle, or even just out camping.  Pocket Wifi hotspots are really cost competitive these days, you just need to choose one that has an external antenna connection port. So it doesn’t matter whether you are on a Ipad, PC, or even an unbranded phone or Tablet, all you need is a device that has Wifi so it can connect to the hotspot which has the booster antenna on it.

Furthermore, if you are with 2Degrees Mobile, because they have Wifi calling enabled on their network, a “data only” solution actually fixes both data and voice calls at the same time! That’s great news for 2Degrees customers! If you are with Spark or Vodafone, unless you are using Skype, or some other VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol service), a different solution will be needed if you want voice coverage to be improved as well as data. These solutions include passive and active repeaters.

So this is why we break our solutions depending on whether you require:

1.       Data coverage and speed improved

2.       Both voice and data coverage improved

Times have certainly changed and so have we.  Whatever your reason, when you need mobile coverage improved, contact us and we can provide genuine Cellutronics products that work.


*number of devices will depend on the capabilities of your hotspot/wifi modem. Please check manufacturer’s specifications.