Desert Road between Waiouru & Turangi

We decided to put our vehicle antennas to the test on SH1 between Waiouru and Turangi.  Most mobile customers know this road has poor coverage but did you know if you used one of our fixed mount vehicle antennas you would get 99% coverage over this road? 

The plot on the left is an XT phone with no external antenna.  The plot on the right is the same phone now fitted with a Cellutronics AFM1-3 fixed mount antenna. Where SH1 is black shows where the phone has coverage.  The red telephones show when the call drops and then has to re-connect again.

As you can see without an antenna the phone dropped 10 times and had about 80% coverage along this road.  Compare this to the plot on the right and the call was only dropped once and had 99% coverage along this road. Next time you're driving this piece of SH1 and drop calls or get frustrated with little coverage, - remember we can fix this for you.

By the way if you want us to drive test an area to check coverage let us know.  We have a variety of different test equipment that we can either rent to you or undertake the drive testing ourselves.

Zeph Wadsworth