Mt Ruapehu

3G Data speed Yagi AY12 sheep famers MT Ruapehu May-18-2010 

Paul and Pam sheepfarmers Mt Ruapehu National Park, are too far off the beaten track to receive broadband from their home phone line so were hoping if they obtained a mobile datacard they could get faster internet speeds (well at least faster than dial-up speed!). 

Only one problem - where they are located there is no EVDO mobile coverage!

Using the on-line Telecom coverage maps it can be seen that their homestead is located in a valley surrounded by trees where there is no coverage inside or outside.

So unfortunately unless Paul and Pam walk up the nearest ridge or stand on their roof they can only get intermittent coverage.

However Paul being a typical hands on farmer decided with a little bit of kiwi ingenuity he could throw up an old water pipe and use this as a pole to attach one of our Yagis to.  Aiming the Yagi at the Mt Ruapehu access road he was then able to obain reliable EVDO signal to his Sierra 595 data card.  Data speeds now in excess of 250 kb/s!  

Zeph Wadsworth