3G Router Kits

3G Routers allow you to use the mobile phone network to connect to the internet. They are brilliant because you can put the router anywhere in your home/office/farm, caravan (anywhere you want to go) and connect mulitple computers/users to it at the same time.  Even better the router re-broadcasts the signal "wirelessly" around your home so wherever you go you can have great broadband internet coverage.

There are two types of 3G routers.  One is called "Hotspots" and the other is called "3G Routers".  They both work similar in that they broadcast Wifi around your home/office, and use the 2G/3G/4G network to connect your Wifi back to the internet (so no broadband land-line required). The main differences between them both is the Hotspot is portable (battery powered), whereas the 3G router has a few more features such as you can plug a telephone line into, it and make calls (voice capabilities) as if you have a land line connected to your house (when in fact you don't!) and the 3G router has a bit more Wifi grunt to power around your home office/building.

Both of these provide great options as we have chosen ones which have a direct antenna connection port, so ideal for customers who currently experience poor mobile coverage as you can plug one of our AY15 or AY12 Yagi antennas into the router or hotspot and broadcast high speed interent Wifi around your home/office/farm. 

Go to "Our Picks" page and choose your provider (Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees) and see which 3G router and Hotspots we recommend. Otherwise scroll down for 3G Router kits.

To learn more about 3G routers please go to this page (FAQ 3G Routers)

3G Routers and BYO USB data stick

If you already have a USB type modem (either on Vodafone, 2degrees or Spark) then you could save some $$ and by a 3G router which doesn't have an embedded modem and has a USB port where you can plug yours in.   In this case we would recommend the NB16WV router kit. 

So the advantage here is you could use your existing data/t-stick.  But for this to be worthwhile you really need a data/t-stick with a direct connection, as our booster antenna kit in the case of this router needs to be plugged into your modem (and not the router as is the case with the embedded router above).  To find out whether your USB modem has a passive or direct connection simply go to our home page and using the left hand side menu system you can find your device and see if it has a direct or passive antenna connection.   So ideally you want a datastick that has a direct connection for best performance improvement. If your datastick does not have a direct connection then we would recommend our P1047 passive coupling adaptor cable. This page talks about the differences between passive and direct connection.

The most popular antenna kit we sell with this modem is the AY15.  The shopping cart below includes the NB16WV router with the AY15 antenna. As we don't know what modem you will be plugging into the router the shopping cart will ask you what USB device you will be using, so we can include the right adaptor cable to connect the AY15 antenna to your modem.  Please remember whilst most modems will work with the NB16WV you can check on this page or call us and we can check for you.

Purchase the NB16WV Router kit with AY15 Yagi here.